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Most Innovative Ideas

Most Innovative Ideas to Life

Use your imagination, according to your request, according to what you need, and tailored to a variety of industries for carbon fiber products.

We have a professional manufacturing methods lead to perfect, lightweight carbon fiber sheet, panels, and has great strength and minimum thermal expansion of the parts.

Perfect Implementation With Our:


Our manufacturing process is strictly managed to deliver perfection every time.


Only flawless products ship from our facility after extensive testing. Expect zero porosity, backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


We can achieve your precise design and performance characteristics in even the most challenging projects.

Thickness Capabilities

Any Thickness

We can customize different thickness according to your needs.Or, you can choose from the following standard thickness of carbon fiber sheet.

  • Our very thinnest 0.2mm(0.008″)carbon fiber sheet

A thin, very flexible carbon fiber veneer Can instead of steel used in the industries of machinery, the machine can be used in nonwoven industry, such as damper USES, material is qualitative light, wear resistance, to speed up the machine speed, increase the output.

  • Our standard 0.5mm(0.02″) thin carbon fiber plates/sheet

A fairly flexible carbon fiber board, can be used for life, for example, mouse pads,  cup pad, and so on.

  • 1mm(0.039″) carbon fiber sheet/plates
  • 1.5mm (0.059″)  carbon fiber sheet/plates
  • 2mm (0.078″) carbon fiber sheet/plates
  • 2.5mm (0.1″) carbon fiber sheet/plates
  • 3mm (0.12″) carbon fiber sheet/plates

According to the requirements of different applications in different aspects, such as: robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs), four axis aircraft, etc.

Standard dimension is 400 x 500 mm to 500mm×500mm.Custom dimensions are also available.If you need another dimension, you can tell me, we can arrange the production


Carbon Fiber Sheet/Plates,Weaves And Colors

The surface of the carbon fiber high-gloss and matte finish, and plain woven fabric or 2 x 2 twill structure.In addition we also have different color choices, there are blue denim to silver twill and more.

If you don’t see what you want, or you want to create a custom order.Want to know more information, please contact our team members, at

Custom Products

Custom Carbon Fiber Molding Products

We can be made into any shape.Provide your own molds, or let us make a for you.
We don’t just do the special-shaped tube, we can also manufacture carbon fiber molding parts and products.We has a wealth of experience can be used in a variety of aviation, industrial, sports, automobile, medical accessories.All of our products are made of 100% carbon fiber and epoxy resin.

Just send an E-mail and drawings.PDF, DXF, DWG file format to, and we will give you an offer.