Carbon fiber products mold design

//Carbon fiber products mold design

Carbon fiber products mold design

Carbon fiber products mold design

Carbon fiber is a new kind of industrial material developed in the last century, the tensile strength is four times the size of the steel, weigh only a quarter of the steel, and small friction coefficient, good wear resistance, is now the national defence, aviation, aerospace, medical, sports and other industrial sectors in material.Most of the carbon fiber products are need to open mold manufacturing, this article will talk about carbon fibre products mold design.

The design of the mould:

1、Choose reasonable parting surface: the mold parting surface is one of the important factors, decided to die structure form for such parts, generally choose the center of symmetry plane of the mold parting surface is ok, don’t need to modify and mechanical processing.

2、The mould structure forms: adopting semi-closed.In general mould contains lower die (Yin, male mold) and the mold core, some mould also need to add a coat made from mould can slide in the coat.

3、The selection of ejection device: no a reasonable demoulding mechanism, even cavity can suppress out parts, but also cannot smoothly intact parts out of the cavity in the top, and the carbon fiber has high strength, hardness, low expansion coefficient, pick up parts at room temperature is not easy task.

4、Other requirements for mould: manufacture of carbon fiber products mold mainly adopts steel or aluminum mold, request the inner surface is smooth, low roughness, without fouling dirt effectually.

Suppression techniques:

Want to create a quality qualified quality, light design and manufacture the mold or not, will also have a careful suppression techniques to guarantee.Technology personnel according to the design requirements of the quality layer, because of the quality inspection section is change, the thickness range, after many experiments finally determine the layer number, produce the embryo into a mould for repression.

Mould design and manufacture and moulding process is very important, will directly affect the final quality of the products.


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