Do you know what the carbon fiber board is?

//Do you know what the carbon fiber board is?

Do you know what the carbon fiber board is?

Do you know what the carbon fiber board is?


Carbon fiber board may also be referred to as carbon fiber sheet, carbon fiber plate,…

What dose the carbon fiber board look like?

Usually, as you can see, the carbon fiber board is black and with twill weave surface finish. But, it also has different colors such as blue and red, and plain weave surface finish.

How does the carbon fiber board be made?

Carbon fiber board is made of carbon fiber, which is a kind of carbon fiber product. It is carbon fiber reinforced the unidirectional plate, the molding process is the carbon fiber impregnated resin after curing in the mold and continuous protrusion.

The carbon fiber single-sided sheet can make full use of carbon fiber strength and elastic modulus, in the construction can remove carbon fiber unidirectional fabric resin curing stage, the use of high efficiency, easy construction.

What are the characteristics of carbon fiber board?

  • high strength and high efficiency

Tensile strength is more than several times the ordinary steel, the elastic modulus is better than steel, with excellent creep resistance, corrosion resistance, and shock resistance.

  • light weight, good flexibility

Carbon fiber than the high strength, the quality of steel is only 1/5, a higher toughness, can be rolled, to a larger length of the supply without overlapping.

  • Construction convenient, easy to guarantee the quality of construction

Material without pre-processing, easy process, the board allows cross.

  • good durability and corrosion resistance

Acid, alkali, salt and atmospheric corrosion, no regular maintenance

What are the applications of carbon fiber board?


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