Easy to carry carbon fiber tripod

//Easy to carry carbon fiber tripod

Easy to carry carbon fiber tripod

Easy to carry carbon fiber tripod

When you go out to take a photograph, if you have such a three foot frame, the weight is less than 1KG, and the length is less than 50cm, which is really excellent. The traditional metal scaffold is too heavy to carry, and it’s very inconvenient to carry. If you have a three foot frame made of carbon fiber, you don’t have to worry about taking pictures out.

The advantage of the carbon fiber tripod:

1. Light weight. It is well known that the weight of carbon fiber is very small, and this material is used in F1 formula racing, high sports cars, bicycles and so on. The three legs of the photographer light more convenient to carry out, or go to the mountain Street camera often directly hang on.

2. The intensity is high. People who know the material of carbon fiber know that it is much stronger than steel, and that the three scaffold can bear the heavy pressure of the camera, and it is solid and durable.

3. The seismic performance is good. If you take pictures on the road, there will be a lot of vibration on the ground. The stability of carbon fiber is good, it is not easy to be affected by the external fluctuation, and the picture is clearer.

4. Corrosion resistance. Carbon fiber is water resistant and corrosion-resistant. Unlike metal, it can rust. It can work on the beach and wet environment, and it can work normally in rainy days.

5. High temperature resistance. The high temperature resistance of carbon fiber is good. The ordinary metal scaffold is burned in the sun for a moment, and the carbon fiber will not.

Search the three tripod on the Internet. You will find that the carbon fiber and three legs are popular now. The carbon fiber is welcomed by people from all walks of life for its superior performance. It is welcome to consult three feet of carbon fiber products or other carbon fiber products. We are professional carbon fiber manufacturers, including hot press, hot pressure tank, CNC engraving machine and other advanced equipment, high production efficiency, quality assurance.

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