What are the USES of carbon fiber?

/What are the USES of carbon fiber?

What are the USES of carbon fiber?

What are the USES of carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber composite material is light and strong, with excellent physical and chemical properties. It can be used in many places, such as aerospace field, automobile manufacturing field, sporting goods field, medical machinery field, etc.Today’s aerial camera, plant protection machine, model toy aircraft and other aircraft are inclined to use this high-tech material, popular.

As a high-tech product, uav can be used for aerial photography, image transmission, geographical survey, plant protection irrigation, surveying and mapping, etc. Nowadays, it is widely used in many fields.It works just like an airplane. It’s light, strong, and it works better.

Easy to assemble, easy to dismantle:The structure of carbon fiber multi-rotor uav is simple, and it is connected by aluminum column and bolt, which makes it extremely convenient to arrange during the installation of components.It can be assembled at any time and anywhere, easy to carry;It's very convenient to use; Safety: the carbon fiber multi-rotor uav frame can guarantee high safety coefficient due to its power dispersing to multiple wings.The balance of force can be achieved in flight, easy to control, automatic hovering, so that it can fly according to the desired path, avoiding sudden descent and causing injury. Strong strength: the compressive strength of carbon fiber is above 3500MP, and it has high strength characteristics. The carbon fiber uav made of carbon fiber has strong resilience and strong anti-pressure ability. Good stability;The multi-rotor carbon fiber uav with carbon fiber has the effect of damping and stabilization, which can be used to offset the shaking or vibration of the fuselage

Customized UAV

Carbon fiber uav, whose body is made of pure carbon dimension plate with thickness of 1.5mm, and whose arm is assembled, ensures the strength of the aircraft in flight and effectively reduces vibration.Because it is made of pure carbon fibre, it is light, a quarter of the weight of steel, more than four times stronger and more resistant to impact.The machine body adopts aluminum alloy column and bolt connection.

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