Introduction of carbon fiber mould pressing technology

//Introduction of carbon fiber mould pressing technology

Introduction of carbon fiber mould pressing technology

Introduction of carbon fiber mould pressing technology

        Carbon fiber because of fatigue resistance, high temperature resistant, high strength, high modulus, conductive, radiation resistance, small thermal expansion coefficient, and the advantages of light weight, widely used in aviation, infrastructure, electromagnetic shielding, automobile manufacturing, oil drilling, and other fields.It can design strong sex, forming method is diversiform, have winding, pultrusion, hand lay-up and moulding, injection, etc., this article mainly introduce everyone to mould pressing craft of the carbon fiber.

The step of carbon fiber mould pressing:

1、The mould cleaning.Will clean up mold, avoid remaining dust and debris.

2、Coating mold release. To ensure that the mold is clean and smooth coated with a release , to prevent the product from forming and mold sticking together can not get out.

3、Prepares materials.According to the shape of the product size ready for carbon fiber presoak.

4、Fold the material.The carbon fiber layers presoak material stack up and preloading, pressed into well-shaped, quality must be compact.

5、Into the mould.The folded raw material into the mold, and mold, after the set pressure, time and temperature at high temperature.

6、The cooling and ejection.Thermal cooling for a period of time after the first, and then open mold products.

7、Post-processing.Products out of the mould is coarser, pass cutting, grinding, paint and so on a series of post-processing procedure.

In the process of moulding, it is important to pay special attention to the temperature, pressure and time these three elements.Temperature molten, flow and solidification of material has a decisive influence;Stress can make the layers of carbon fiber in material, combination of more closely;Time can make the product inside the cavity have enough time to cure.

Compared with the traditional hand lay-up process, moulding technology is more advanced, high dimension accuracy, suitable for mass production.

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