High quality 3K carbon fiber oar boats customized

High quality 3K carbon fiber oar boats customized 2018-08-22T06:48:43+00:00

Project Description

Item name High quality 3K carbon fiber oar boats can be sold and customized directly
Material 100% Carbon fiber
Weave Twill or Plain
Surface finish Glossy or matte
Pattern 3K
Color Black
Description Sports outdoor events such as beach, rafting and water skiing.
Name 3K carbon fiber oar boats
Size Drawing size
Customized Please provide CAD drawings (*STP or *DWG format)
sample time 5-6 weeks
Packing Details Carton or custom
Lead time 30days after payment
Payment & Shipping Terms T/T (HSBC bank),  Paypal, Westen Union.
Shipping Terms By international express(DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx……), by airfreight, by boat (As your choice)
Delivery Detail Shipped in 5-6 weeks after payment
Shipping Port guangzhou/shenzhen

High quality 3K carbon fiber oar boats can be sold and customized directly

Description:It can be used for sports outdoor events, such as beach, rafting and water skiing.

What is a custom carbon fiber product?
We customized the carbon fiber products you need according to your requirements.

What kind of product needs to be customized for mold?
1, irregular products (we usually call them heteromorphic products).
2, carbon fiber modification products (such as carbon fiber vehicle modification, motorcycle modification, etc.).
3, carbon fiber industrial products (such as carbon fiber mechanical arm, carbon fiber machinery and equipment parts, etc.).
4, medical equipment (such as carbon fiber medical board, carbon fiber medical device accessories, etc.)

High quality 3K carbon fiber oar boats can be sold and customized directly

So how do we produce it?

1, please provide 3D files for customized products (for example, *STP and *DWG format).
2, we will design moulds and production according to your drawings.
3. Provide customized product requirements (e.g., strength requirements, appearance: 3K Twill or Plain, finish: Glossy or Matte)
4, preparation materials and waiting molds are finished. (mould manufacturing time: 10-15 days)
5, The formal start of production.

Please see the following small segments of carbon fiber customized video:


High quality 3K carbon fiber oar boats can be sold and customized directly

Performance characteristics:

high specific strength, high specific modulus, light weight, corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance.
The coefficient of thermal expansion is small, the friction coefficient is low, and the high and low temperature is high.


aviation, aerospace: aircraft, satellites, sports and leisure supplies, electronic products shell, tag accessories, automotive Hardware watches and other industries.

P.S.Our customized products series all customized manufacturing for prosessing, please kindly provide CAD file to us (* STP format and DWG format ).

Q:Can I order a sample order first?

A:Yes, we welcome you to order samples for testing and inspection.

Q:How long will the delivery take?

A:It takes about 6 weeks to customize the product sample, and mass production practice needs to calculate the time according to the specific quantity.

Q:If mass production, whether or not can we guarantee the quality of our products?

A:We are a carbon fiber manufacturer, the company has a professional design engineers, a wide range of equipment, hot molding, hot pressing tank, CNC equipment, and product quality assurance issues.

Q:Can you accept mixed batches of different customized products?

A:Yes, we support the mixed and wholesale of different products, and there is no restriction on raw materials and processing (but different customized products require different types of molds).