Three main applications of carbon fibre composites

//Three main applications of carbon fibre composites

Three main applications of carbon fibre composites

Carbon fiber composites have many advantages, such as lightweight, high strength, chemical corrosion resistance, friction resistance, good toughness and high temperature resistance. They are widely used in many fields. However, the most widely used areas are aviation, sports and leisure and industrial applications, which stand at 4%, 67% and 29% respectively.

Aerospace and Aerospace: It is the most traditional application market. Carbon fibers were used in this area when they were first developed. Carbon fiber composites used in space shuttles can generally be divided into two categories. One is C/C composites, which are used in structural materials resistant to burning and high temperature, such as aircraft wing tips. They do not melt even at 1000 degrees Celsius. The other is carbon fiber reinforced resin matrix composites, which are used to make cabin doors and pressure. Force containers, etc.

Sports and leisure areas: surfboards, golf clubs, tennis rackets, ice hockey clubs, fishing rods, kite poles, and even ergonomic sneakers can use carbon fiber materials. Carbon fiber sporting goods, light weight, easy to use, good resistance to skinning makes it work for a long time without deformation, pull, or by external force impact hungry will not deformation.

Industrial applications: Its applications in this area include industrial parts, automobiles, motorcycles, hull components. Let’s talk about carbon fiber automotive parts. Carbon fibers can be used in the whole frame of rear-view mirror, interior decoration, license plate frame, intake pipe, exhaust pipe and tail wing. The density smaller than aluminium material makes the resistance less and the strength 5 times higher than steel.

In the field of biomedicine, carbon fibers are often used to make artificial limbs, artificial ligaments, medical beds; in the military field, carbon fibers can be used on submarines, armored vehicles, special military helmet, missiles; in the field of musical instruments, it can also be processed into violin, bowstring, guitar and so on. I believe that the future application will be more extensive.

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