What are the key factors affecting the quality of the carbon fiber tube?

//What are the key factors affecting the quality of the carbon fiber tube?

What are the key factors affecting the quality of the carbon fiber tube?

The design of the mandrel

In addition to the core mold material itself, the tube body part design and the length of the carbon fiber tube also have a direct link. If the carbon fiber tube length is shorter, the mandrel tube body part can be made into such as diameter, if asked to compare the length of pipe and in the machine tool under the control of the machining accuracy and demoulding, such as the diameter of the nude body application is difficult, therefore, adopt the tapered mandrel tube body is more appropriate.In addition, on the basis of the already known length to lengthen 10-20 mm, facilitate subsequent machining operations. For carbon fiber tube length and diameter ratio is bigger, use two core module docking and spiral wound, reducing its diameter range, to narrow the gap between the carbon fiber tube diameter two pieces.

The design of the winding parameters

The thickness of the winding, winding, winding Angle and the order of the winding Angle has a great influence on the performance of the carbon fiber tube. For example, when the carbon fiber tubing used in products such as transmission shaft, to produce relative motion in the cross-section, and the axial show 0 ° layer can reduce the relative movement between the cross-section; Plus or minus 45 ° layer to improve the shaft torsional performance;90 ° direction layer in the initial state of reverse can have the effect of resistance to shear stress when the torque is bigger bearing torsional ability to drop, but winding technology can’t 0 ° layer winding, so close to plus or minus 45 ° and close to 90 ° Angle of layer, the proportion of all improve the torsional strength of carbon fiber tube. Also, the thickness of the winding and the order of the winding Angle influence on the performance of the carbon fiber tube has the relative changes of rules to follow.

The main technical points of the mold release

To facilitate the demoulding, general meeting before wrapping the besmear on the surface of the core mold release agent, but in the manufacturing of high-performance carbon fiber tube, organic type release agent in the curing process into the resin, harm the pipe product, affect the performance of the pipe. In order to avoid this kind of situation, choose a fluoride release agent can effectively reduce the generation of defects. Core mold need to repeatedly use if use the car when stripping processing or remove the machinist’s head, can cause damage on the surface of the core, in this case closed wound need to use high-temperature resistant adhesives or with the method of welding, grinding in place again, otherwise, it will directly affect the next batch of carbon fiber tube products quality.

Theoretically, the performance of the carbon fiber tube more than the traditional metal pipes have advantages, such as high strength, corrosion resistance, small thermal expansion coefficient, creep resistance, self-lubrication and fatigue resistance, long service life, also can seismic absorption, the key is its density is small, lightweight than the same steel pipe weight loss of more than 80%. But look from the application, the performance of the carbon fiber tubing can truly reflect the above advantages, or by the many technical factors in actual production.

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