What is carbon fiber? 

//What is carbon fiber? 

What is carbon fiber? 

What is carbon fiber? This question is often asked. Carbon fiber is a kind of carbon fiber material smaller than hair. Numerous strands of thread can be woven into cloth. The pre-impregnated resin can solidify into a specific shape when laid in a mold. Its strength is very high, its weight is very light, and it has been used in many fields.

         Carbon fiber was invented in 1879. Edison used it for the light gun experiment, but it was formally put into use after the 20 world 50s, for the cold war weapon strategy, carbon fiber was used to solve the problem of weapons insulation. It is a military secret material and is strictly confidential. With the end of the war and the improvement of the technological level, in 1963, the United Kingdom first scale production of carbon fibers.

         Characteristics of carbon fiber materials including high-temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, high strength, lightweight, low shrinkage rate, friction resistance, conductive, X-ray penetration ability, when it with resin composite performance varies, depending on the product of the practical need of adding different kinds of resin.

         The production process of carbon fiber is complex, its performance is superior and the price is expensive. It is usually used only in high tech or luxury brands, such as a spaceship, F1 equation racing car, sports car, and LV suitcase. In recent years, people have begun to make some small items such as wallet, cell phone shell, box, bracket, and so on. They sell well and are popular in the market.

        Carbon fiber products, not only good performance but also a very beautiful appearance. Black weaving lines do not appear monotonous, matte, high-gloss arbitrary choice, fashion trend. All kinds of carbon fiber products can be produced by Shenzhen hanging new material technology co., LTD., for drawing or sample processing and proofing. Welcome to the online customer service consultation on the page. 

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